EZ Wallet AMA Recap — Part 3

Let’s end the EZ Wallet AMA Recap on a high note cause in this Part 3; the team will be covering:

  • More information on the Learn to Earn program.
  • More questions from the community
  • Winners of the AMA giveaway.

Continued from part 2…


So, Copep, you are saying that EZ Wallet members will be rewarded with every action they take to support the project, isn’t it?


We don’t want to set high expectations for the member since EZ Wallet is still developing. By the manners of the tokenomic, the team doesn’t want to make it like a play-to-earn game in which the token has unlimited supply and will get inflation. So EZ Wallet is building a solution to control the token price, so stay tuned for the next updates.

Funny Fact:

To build the product, last year, when we were trying to develop the product, we wanted the community to contribute to the building phases. Still, the big question came in: Where is the community?


I feel the same with you, Copep. Cause nobody likes promises without the actions.

So Arch just mentioned a new question in the channel. He wonders if EZ Wallet has done its KYC (Know Your Customer) since it’s necessary if we want to revoke the P2P.

Copep, can you clear this out for everyone to understand?


Thanks for the interesting questions, we may consider the third party to allow users to buy crypto with fiat and vice versa cause building the P2P will require much effort.

I agree with you on the KYC since we can develop it into many features like sending without the wrong address, etc. And for the KYC, it’s necessary, and it is already the central part of the roadmap. It will be launched this month or maybe in the early next month.


Hey Arch, you seem to have one more question, right? Hop back to the call so that everyone can understand you better


Thanks, Chimmi, so my last question is, will EZ Wallet have some function that allows users to track their portfolio to show how well we have been performing throughout the year cause other wallets don’t have it. I mean, we can follow our own and have some self-analysis. Maybe a graph is good! If I put $100 in EZ Wallet, and I do some trading, so by the end of the year, I get $1000. I would love to know how well I did, and I want to see the process from day 1 to that day.


Woah, that’s awesome. I guess you have used many wallets to develop this idea, right?

We’ll have that noted down. On the market right now, only Binance allows you to track that, but it only appears the six months at max. I think this will be one of the main features of EZ Wallet when launched, and we’ll get back to you for your support on the user research. We’ll have to go through a professional process, and if the community supports it, it will come true.


Sorry for my curiosity, but can we have a function that lets us have two wallets in the same account?


So what do you mean by having two wallet addresses in 1 app?


We can have two kinds of wallets like funding and spots in Binance.


Ah, I see you now; that’s something we have on our minds right now.

Hey Copep, what do you think? Is it possible to make it happen?


Ah, I see. That’s a smart way to save money; never put all the eggs in one basket, right?

It’s easy to develop those functions, maybe we won’t call it that way, but I think we will have that!

I think we should have a form so that everyone leaves their requests for functions, and we can, based on the number of votes on every single idea we can, know which to develop first!


Of course, that’s easy for the marketing team to make a form; maybe we can use Typeform or something like that.

Alright, with no other questions, I think it’s time we can end the AMA; thanks to everyone for joining and staying updated on what to come in the EZ Wallet Community.

That concludes the last part of the EZ Wallet AMA Recap. And now, we’ll be announcing the winners of the AMA Questions.

️🏆 AMA Winners List

️🥇 Question from Gyan: What is the use of the token when launched? Will we be able to generate passive income by staking it? And there are many projects like this in the market, so how will this project compete with them, and on which blockchain will its token run?

Answer: Use cases of $EZT (EZ On-chain Token) will be announced when launched, promising to play the central part in the Learn to earn program. The EZ Wallet team understands that there are many competitors on the market right now. Still, EZ is here not to compete but to cooperate and develop towards the goal of supporting users most optimally.

️🥈 Question from Rachel: How can you give confidence to the community about the project you will be working on?

Answer: EZ Wallet is built for the community and by the community; what can we be without community support? With that philosophy, EZ Wallet is taking action and doing a project focusing on community members and users in general. From the Referral Program to the Learn-to-Earn and all the in-app features, we aim for the ultimate goal is to help the new crypto users to have a place to learn and earn while at the same time enjoy the power of all the advanced features.

️🥉 Question from Vitozacky: Listing on the suitable exchanges, especially major exchanges, helps increase the token price and is a form of Marketing. So, where can we buy Token, and what plans do you have for listing on major exchanges (DEX and CEX)?

Answer: Being listed on exchanges is always an effective way for projects that can increase the value of their tokens, and that is no exception EZ Wallet.

But the team doesn’t take it too seriously at this stage because what we’re doing right now is building a solid community whether it’s a bear or a bull market.

About EZ Wallet:

EZ Wallet is on the journey to make crypto more accessible and convenient for everyone, from the crypto newbie to the seasoned crypto vet. The EZ Wallet team is a diverse and dynamic team aiming to create a non-custodial wallet that makes everyone’s journey into the crypto world easier, with a more friendly interface that simplifies the Crypto process while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of what advanced features a digital wallet can provide.

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